Wax Hands

Wax Hands


Wax Hands - Omaha

WAX HANDS is new to Omaha and surrounding area.
We have a specially designed wax which is perfect for making a mold of your hand.
It is cool enough for you to dip your hand straight in and watch the magic of the wax transform your hand into a great keep sake.


How Wax Hands are Made.

3 Easy Steps

  1. You decide what hand sign you want to make: Peace sign, Number One, Rocker, etc.
  2. We dip your hand in wax and then cool it in water. We repeat the process a few more times too make the mold. Choose your colors.
  3. We then remove the mold carefully from your hand and present you your wax hand!!!

    Do it yourself or join hands with a friend for an extra special design.

    Such a fun activity for parties and events!

    The colorful mold of your hand becomes a treasured souvenir for you to enjoy.