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Rental Terms

Here are some good tips to keep in mind before booking your event...
* Determine whether or not your event will be held indoors or outdoors.
* If it is outdoors we will need to know what type of surface the units will be installed on to ensure the proper equipment is brought to your site.  
* On grass surfaces, we will provide stakes to securely mount the inflatable to the ground.
* On concrete surfaces the inflatable will need to be anchored by either drilling at a cost of $5/hole, or the client will be required to supply an alternative sufficient anchor for each anchor point per unit. Acceptable anchors may be water barrels, large cement blocks, vehicle rims, etc. This will need to be determined in advance. 
* Deposits will be collected upon booking your event. Deposit amounts will vary based on items being reserved.  
* Payments are due in full prior to the setup of your event, unless other specific arrangements have been made with management in advance. If you will be paying in cash please keep in mind that our drivers do not carry change. We cannot accept personal checks however company and organizational checks will be accepted. Credit card/Debit card payments can be called in to the shop ahead of your date.  
* We do require a credit card on file for all events in case of damages or cleaning fees for the units. 
* Our drivers will bring a minimum of 50ft or extension cord for each required power source. If you will need additional length let us know in advance, however we cannot run more than 200ft of extension. If your power source is not within 200ft feet, we can provide a generator for an additional cost. The generators are delivered with a full tank and are not required to be refueled, however if it runs out of gas during the duration of your show the client is required to purchase the additional fuel. 
* The driver will need to be able to reach you on the numbers that your provided our office. Please ensure that we have valid numbers. For example, if your event is at your home and we were only provided a work number you will be unreachable when your driver needs to speak with you about your delivery. Our drivers have scheduled routes and other time commitments throughout the day, so if we are not able to reach you the driver will move on to their other deliveries. 
*Someone 18 years or older that is able to pay, and sign the invoice, and waivers is required to be onsite at the time of the delivery. 
* If you have an event that starts or ends in the early morning (before 8am) or late night (after 7pm) it will be subject to an additional after hours fee. This fee amount will vary based on the size of your event, and the size of the crew required to setup your event. 
* All inflatable rentals are weather based. In the event it is raining, or winds are above 18-25mph, or it is below 50 degree we will not be able to setup your event outdoors. 
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