Obstacle Courses

Obstacle Courses


Toxic Drop

Toxic Drop is a new inflatable obstacle course with a twist: it comes in two sections that make an overall size of 78′ x 12′ x 16′ to the top of the slide roof. The second section does extend out to 16′ just before the slide. It is a two player game where the players are challenged by a series of different obstacles. As they progress to the second section, they get higher & higher by climbing up the blocks. When they get to the last block it is in the shape of a giant wedge (narrower at the bottom) thus causing it to sway back and forth. The players have to balance themselves so they don’t fall down The Drop. If they do they can exit out the side and try again. This course has 7 ostacles that are listed below.

1. The Wedges Obstacle

2. The X Wall Obstacle

3. The Vault Obstacle

4. The Mangle Obstacle

5. The Blocks Obstacle

6. The Drop Obstacle

7. The Slide

30' Rock Climb Slide

Not only is the Rock Climb Slide a great stand alone obstacle course, you can create the 70’ Extreme Backyard Challenge obstacle course by combining the 30' Rock Climb Slide and our 40’ Backyard Challenge obstacle course!

40' Back Yard Challenge

Our 40’ obstacle course is one of the best 7 element designs in the industry today. Featuring jump through openings, pop ups, log jams, squeeze walls, crawl tubes, rock wall and slide, our 40’ obstacle course is great for any backyard event, company picnic and corporate event.

70' Extreme Backyard Challenge

Behold, Bryan Hill Entertainment's longest linear inflatable obstacle course. The 70' "Extreme Backyard Challenge". This structure combines our 40' obstacle course with a towering 16' tall "rock climb and slide" addition extending the fun another 30'. At 70' long, this course is a challenge for children and adults alike. Challengers position themselves at the portal-like entrance. As they dive head-on into this 7 element course, riders will encounter back to back physical challenges such as vertical pop-ups, horizontal hurdles, squeeze-throughs, & tunnels, all before enjoying the exhilarating rock climb and slide to the finish.

98' Extreme Obstacle Course

Our massive 98' Extreme Obstacle Course combines our 70' [a combination of the 40' Backyard Challenge and our 30' Rock Climb Slide] with our 22' tall Vertical Rush dual lane slide!

Atomic Rush

Atomic Rush Obstacle course

Rat Race

Feel like you’re going nowhere fast? Then this is the ride for you! Rat Race™ is still the hottest obstacle challenge in the industry. With its figure-eight track, it’s an alternative to conventional and 180-degree units.


For 29 years the worst of the worst have tried to escape the fortress known as “The Rock”. Many have fallen victim to the horrifying maze of difficult obstacles between them and freedom. Even those lucky few who have managed to see daylight have met with an icy demise in the surrounding San Francisco Bay. Will you be the first to escape the perils of Alcatraz?