Mechanical Rides

Mechanical Rides


Melt Down

"Now Available"

The MELT DOWN is an 8 player action game, where the players have to either duck under or jump over the boom poles. The poles are encased in 14" of high-density foam so there is no chance of anyone getting hurt . This ride requires 10' ceilings for operation.

Mini Melt Down

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Why should adults have all the fun? Mini Meltdown has arrived to let kids enjoy themselves playing with other kids in this kiddie version of the Meltdown. Meltdown is a game for the whole family to play, but what happens when the kids just want to have fun with other kids? Then… Mini Meltdown to the rescue! After seeing the huge success Meltdown has been, here at B.H.E. we couldn’t wait to offer the same concept but for children only.

Mechanical Bull Omaha

The Mechanical Bull is the center of attention at any party or event. This Mechanical Bull is great for all ages. It can be controlled for slow movement for smaller kids, and can also and spin really fast for teens to adults. Price includes an operator attendant for the duration of the event. (ALCOHOL FREE ZONES ONLY)

Euro Bungee Omaha

This amazing bungee trampoline flings you 25 feet in the air as you jump and flip. The Euro Bungy™ has become one of the most successful innovations in the amusement industry.The Euro Bungy™ is a multi-station super trampoline that enables kids to accomplish gravity defying maneuvers.

Tubs Of Fun

Tubs Of Fun - Availabe Later This Year

Turbo Tubs of Fun Ride - One of the most popular rides on the midway. The Tubs Of Fun ride is great for kids and adults alike. Each of the 6 tubs spin independently as the entire ride rotates in a circle (tubs do not have to spin if riders do not want). Generally, not for timid riders as this is a fast spinning ride! Able to hold up to 24 people at a time, this is a great addition to any event. Includes ride, safety fencing, and 1 attendant. Ride is mounted on a trailer and requires electricity (220 volt, 30 amps) and 40' diameter x 8'h space. Great for ages 7 & up.

Bullet Trackless Train

All Aboard! The Space Train is a three rocket-car train that seats up to ten children under 80 lbs. This super unique ride is sure to help your party blast off. To see if this ride is available for your next event give our office a call.