Bob Zany

Bob is wry, sarcastic, insulting, lovable, and well... zany. He has been a regular guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and performs more than three hundred nights a year in the best clubs in the country. As if this weren't enough, his Zany Report is also featured on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Radio Show.

"He simply reaches into a bottomless grab bag of jokes. It's like watching Magic Johnson lead a fast break--so smooth and effortless that it would be easy to overlook just how much talent and skill is behind the process... He's also a naturally funny guy, a distinction at a time when stand-up is cluttered with people who aren't." - The Los Angeles Times

"Zany has so mastered his craft that it's become invisible ...his improvisational style harks back to Robin Williams. But when art is highly evolved nobody looks like a clone of anybody else, and Zany is nothing but an original." - Dramalogue

"We at the Weekly do believe that it is Zany's turn... Bob Zany as big as Tim Allen, Roseanne and Jerry Seinfeld? In our minds, he already is." - Pasadena Weekly

Bob Zany's One Man, 2 Chicks, and a Bay-Bee! Show

One Man, 2 Chicks, & A Bay-Bee!

This is The Show, Bay-bee! Starring Bob Zany with Keith West & The Zanettes.

"We had a wonderful crowd that thoroughly enjoyed the performances. The best part about each show is that Bob Zany & Keith West made each show unique and really got the audiences involved. The reputation of the performers was a strong selling point in the Wild Rose Box Office." -Beth A. Thompson, Wild Rose Casino & Resort

Starring Bob Zany
with Keith West & The Zanettes!

"We had a wonderful crowd that thoroughly enjoyed the performances. The best part about each show is that Bob Zany & Keith West made each show unique and really got the audiences involved. The reputation of the performers was a strong selling point in the Wild Rose Box Office."
-Beth A. Thompson, Wild Rose Casino & Resort

David Scott

David Scott

The Swinger

If you think you have seen it all, trust me, you haven't seen anything yet.

The Swinger David Scott is more than just a stand-up comedian. He's an entertainer and showman with a show that has been called "pure energy", "sharp-witted", "clever" and "classy".

Not only is there great stand-up comedy but there is so much more. There's the "World's Most Dangerous Bit in Comedy", a straight-jacket, and even a little mind reading. Not to mention one of the best finales in the business that takes the audience on an incredibly funny journey through 4 decades of music.

The Swinger David Scott has been featured on HBO and Comedy Central, is the host of his own nationally-syndicated radio show and also happens to be the Guiness World Record Holder for Longest Stand-Up Comedy Show by an Individual at 40 hours and 8 minutes.

Forget everything you think you know about stand-up comedy. This is a show unlike anything you have ever seen.

Don Reese

Don Reese

Take a young boy born in the midwest; feed him a steady diet of comic books and monster magazines; plant him in front of a television screen showing an endless succession of horror and science fiction movies; let simmer until adulthood, and what have you got? The comedy of Don Reese.

Combining what THE CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER calls "friendly ghoulishness" with "sparks-flying timing", Don stakes out comic turf that is his and his alone, walking the fine line between reality and the twilight zone. It is an act that has taken him to over forty states and Canada, performing at clubs, colleges, corporate shows - even monster movie conventions. Don calls it "stand-up comedy for people who are tired of stand-up comedy". You'll call it hilarious.

Donnie Baker

Donnie Baker

As heard on the Bob & Tom Radio Show!

Due to the fact I'm still on probation much of my background is sealed in Court 7. I swear to god it is. You can look it up but good luck getting access because the new judge is stupid and I'd say it right to his face!

Drew Hastings

Drew Hastings

At 6' 6" tall, clad in a tailored black suit and trademark black horn-rimmed glasses, Hastings is a commanding presence onstage as he launches into a study of the human condition that is both hilarious and self-deprecating. Though his angst can be easily sensed, he is obviously at home onstage.

Raised in Ohio by a British mother, Drew brings to every performance a down-to-earth Mid-western sensibility tempered - or, rather, contradicted with typical British aloofness and condescension.

Drew moved from Ohio to Los Angeles in the early 1990’s, where he was quickly noticed by the entertainment industry. His acting talent landed him a number of guest-starring roles and he has done television pilots for some of the big networks including Fox, NBC, and HBO. He has also made many stand-up appearances on television and is one of a very elite group of comedians to have received a standing ovation on “The Tonight Show.”

His storied and colorful life has been the subject of three different one-person shows, “Commencement Speech”, “Life & Other Short Stories” and “The Business of Living”, a satire of the success/motivational industry. His character from that show, Jack Freeman, found an immediate cult following in Los Angeles, and in 2001 caught the attention of the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show, where the hilarious Freeman was introduced to a much wider national audience. Drew’s initial appearances on the Bob and Tom Show were so well received that he soon became a regular guest, regaling listeners with his stories, questioning his life and everyone else’s, and giving his comedic opinions on just about any topic that comes up. Drew spends much of his time headlining with “The Friends of the Bob and Tom Show” which has played over 70 cities thus far.

“The Bob and Tom Show has been a perfect outlet for me,” says Drew. “I tend to have a no-nonsense Mid-western attitude and their show is a Midwest-based show with a huge National reach.” He adds, “Hollywood has never figured out what to do with me, so I’m just doing it myself.”

When he’s not touring he can be found on his farm in Ohio.

Dwayne Clark

Dwayne Clark

Okay - figure this one out - he’s a guitar player with no song parodies, sing-a-longs, or Dylan impressions. He’s high-energy without playing “What’s your name - where are you from” with his audience. His material is intelligent, adult, yet inoffensive. He delivers his act with southern charm that doesn’t play to the stereotypes of the dumb southerner.

It’s like Minnie Pearl and Tony Bennett had a baby (pardon the visual). With his infectious smile, and his undeniable charm, Dwayne steps onstage and delivers a show that every audience member will appreciate and leave with an uncontrollable craving for corn bread & caviar.

“He had the audience falling out of their seats within minutes of taking the stage, and never let them regain their composure”
-Mason City Banner Times

Greg Hahn

Greg Hahn

Greg Hahn has appeared on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, Comedy Central, ABC, CBS, FOX and is a favorite on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show.

Bring On The Fun!

Classes, break out groups and seminars can take a toll. Keep your people refreshed, entertained and motivated by adding some high energy, crazy comedy to the program.

A Greg Hahn performance will get your company and clients buzzing with excitement and laughter!

Don’t worry for a second about offending anyone as all the jokes are clean, ridiculous and designed to do nothing other than make your people LAUGH!!

Heywood Banks

Heywood Banks

Heywood Banks is simply one-of-a-kind, almost impossible to describe, with a style his very own. Equal parts genius and buffoon, this songwriter-comic-singer-poet-musician has become a cult hero and a pop icon, with a show that appeals to college students, stoners, businessmen, yuppies, rednecks, punks, kids or your grandmother.

Heywood intersperses his humorous observations of life with twisted, inventive, bizarre songs, sung and played in a variety of styles, from folk, to country to rock to pop, and way beyond.

You have to be pretty smart to get Heywood at his deepest level (he demands a high level of pop culture literacy), but you can also enjoy him just for his vocal style impersonations, expert musicianship and just plain silliness. But why trust our opinions?

Heywood has been featured in "Rolling Stone Magazine" and "People Magazine." He won First Place in the Johnnie Walker Comedy Search Contest.

Heywood Banks has appeared on A&E's "Evening at the Improv," MTV's "1/2 Hour Comedy Hour," CNN's "Hollywood Minute," "Caroline's Comedy Hour," "Entertainment Tonight," "Showtime Comedy Club Network," "Dr. Demento Show," "12th Annual HBO Young Comedians Special with Paul Rodriguez" and is a frequent guest on the national Bob and Tom radio show.

Jan McInnis

Jan McInnis

If you're looking for a fun keynote speaker with PRACTICAL tips, then hire comedian and professional speaker Jan McInnis. Before setting foot on stage, Jan McInnis spent 15 years as a marketing executive . . and her comedy proves it! All of her keynotes include humor on work (from “control-freak" bosses to teambuilding exercises gone awry), family and day-to-day life. Her keynotes are sprinkled with lots of relatable CLEAN humor as Jan was featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of the top convention comedians who is CLEAN (as in no offensive material) and in the Washington Post for her clean comedy writing. Jan can help your group deal with change by using humor in her popular Finding the Funny in Change keynote, or she can help your attendees use humor in their business communications to make their communications memorable, engage their audience, and connect with clients in her Finding the Funny in Communications keynote. And of course if you just want entertainment, Jan can provide it with Cubicle Comedy and her Hilarious Hosting!

Jan Customizes The Show!

One of the most unique features of Jan's keynotes is her ability to customize with information on your group and your event. Jan is the master at developing quick, targeted humor that will connect with your audience immediately. She interviews the group ahead of time, and, schedule permitting, sits in on conference sessions to give a fun "what we learned today" wrap-up.

Jan's A Veteran Speaker and Entertainer!

Jan has spent over 16 years speaking to hundreds of associations and companies . . . at conventions, training sessions, fundraisers, employee retreats, banquets and more. . she knows what she's doing. The quotes from happy clients prove she's a hit!

”I simply can't remember when I have laughed so hard for so long. We were delighted the way you drew the audience in by using the events of the weekend and added your unique brand of humor to them. Many, many thanks for a wonderful time! I was even thinking of you later in the evening last night and thought what makes you so good . . . besides the wonderfully humorous way you see things, but that your delivery and timing are impeccable! Keep us laughing. It's a great gift you have!”
-G.M., Pinnacle Health

Jim Kolb

Jim Kolb

Everyone loves a good laugh. That's what you're guaranteed when you hear Jim. Jim is immaculately turned out, and opts for well thought out material that is fresh, uniquely insightful, and .....CLEAN! His ability to connect with audiences of all ages is why he has been a favorite headliner for corporate events, comedy clubs, and cruise lines such as Regent Seven Seas, Royal Caribbean International, and Princess for the last 20 years. Jim is also a virtuoso on the guitar. His arrangement of "Classical Gas," played on a 12 string, with full orchestration, is a show stopper! Bluegrass, Classical, Funny Songs, and Audience Participation are all part of Jim's Musical Package.


"Unique and fresh, the audience was delighted and laughing as hard as I have ever seen."
- Johnny Shield, Variety

Mike Mercury

Mike Mercury

Mike Mercury is a professional stand-up comedian and writer who has been involved in the performing arts in one form or another since he was 8 years old.

He joined an improvisational training and performance group called "L.A. Connection." After a year with them he formed his own Improv group , "High Adventure." After passing an audition for Mitzi Shore at the world renowned "Comedy Store", they quickly became a favorite act there, appearing weekly (and sometimes weakly), opening for Louie Anderson, Robin Williams, Roseanne, Sam Kinison, and Andrew "Dice" Clay, just to namedrop a few.

Mike quickly became an audience favorite and a headliner at comedy clubs all across America. Now working primarily in the Corporate market, his likable persona, quick wit, and clean and clever observational material, make him a much-sought-after performer.

Toss in some customized joke writing specifically for your company and you've got the makings of "One very memorable evening". – Milwaukee Journal

  1. "Mike Mercury delivers great material AND plays off an audience as well as anybody we've ever seen. What a character! He is Jay Leno, Eddie Haskell and Dennis the Menace all at once." -Chicago Tribune

Mike Toomey

Mike Toomey

With his sharp delivery, quick wit, and identifiable style, Mike Toomey has been a favorite at comedy clubs and special events since 1982. Mike has appeared in concert with such names as Wayne Newton, Crosby, Stills and Nash, and Reba McEntire. He has performed on numerous television programs including: HBO's U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado; MTV's "Half Hour Comedy Hour"; and A&E's "Comedy on the Road."

Mike is also the creator and star of the hilarious one-person show "TV & Me," which enjoyed a highly successful run at Chicago's Apollo Theater.

The Chicago Tribune calls Mike, "One of the funniest and most talented performers to ever work in Chicago."

For an evening of uncontrollable laughs, Mike Toomey is a sure choice!

Paul and Storm

Paul and Storm

Music. Comedy. Occasional Nuns and Pirates.

Paul and Storm are a comedy music duo, and they have been performing as a duo since 2004. Before that, they were one half of a cappella band Da Vinci’s Notebook for about 12 years.

A Paul and Storm show is part music concert and part standup/improv comedy–just enough of both to fit neatly in neither category. They like to engage the audience, and are known to award snack cakes and/or other prizes for good (and sometimes bad) behavior. Their show would be PERFECT as a cable special, and would make lots of money for whichever brave channel decides to air them first.

Paul Frisbie

Paul Frisbie

Paul Frisbie works out of Chicago, IL. He's a regular at clubs like Zanies, The Improvisation, and The Funny Bone - and at hundreds of other venues from coast to coast. Frisbie has been featured on the Bob & Tom Show and has been booked to open for headline acts ranging from Michael Bolton to Adam Sandler.

Frisbie has collaborated on material for the Tonight Show and published dozens of articles in newspapers and magazines. He's believed to have been the first comic on the planet to post a web site, back before the internet caught on - and before there was any real reason to bother with a web site. A later version of Frisbie's site was featured in the best-selling book NetMarketing.

Frisbie has also written for both TV and radio. Odds are that if you read, watch TV or own a radio you've already enjoyed some of Frisbie's work.

Frisbie's act is fresh and unique. Depending upon the situation he may decide to discuss anything from the intricacies of buffalo ranching to the perils of imbibing Schlitz with his 90-year-old grandmother.

At any moment Frisbie may interrupt himself with a lively song on the guitar, banjo, or mandolin. It's a slightly different show every time. We'll see you there.

Rex Havens

Rex Havens

Rex Havens takes the very heart of the world around each of us, applies his own gentle combination of logic, bemusement and insanity, and offers it back to his audience in a way that is engaging, thoughtful and hilarious.

Rex has been delighting comedy audiences for 20 years, in world-famous comedy clubs like The Improv, Catch-A-Rising Star, Funny Bones and Zanies, on television for Showtime, Comedy Central and Comic Relief, on radio with Bob & Tom and NPR, cruise ships worldwide, and corporate clients including GM, American Express, Texaco, 3M, Coca-Cola, IBM, Toshiba, Lowe's, Johnson & Johnson, Ameritech, Proctor & Gamble, State Farm, Quaker Oats, Verizon and the IRS ("Working for the IRS is the only sure way to get money from them."), and numerous non-profit and charitable organizations, such as St. Jude's and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

A former college professor who made the unusual transition to the standup comedy stage in the '80's, Rex has always believed that laughter is the best defense against a confusing and challenging world. Rex's take on marriage and family has propelled him to performances in all 50 states and around the world, including London, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Bermuda, Montreal, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Aruba, Rome and Cannes.

Ask your agent for a copy of Rex's book and CD, "Everything I Needed To Know I Learned From My Wife!" It's a laugh-a-minute look at men, women, love and marriage, done with clean, clever, positive humor and tasteful sophistication. Rex's show is suitable for all ages, and he has performed for audiences of 50 people to arenas of 5,000.

Everything I Needed To Know, I Learned From My Wife!

Description: A laugh-a-minute look at men, women, love and marriage, done with clean, clever, positive humor and tasteful sophistication. Rex's show is suitable for all ages, and he has performed for audiences of 50 people to arenas of 5,000.

Ron Kenney

Ron Kenney

Ron Kenney has been performing professionally for over twenty years in almost every venue imaginable. From corporate shows to colleges to cruise ships and every comedy club in between. Today most of Kenney's work takes place in the Silver State of Nevada, where he is known as "Mr. Las Vegas".

You may have seen Ron Kenney on A&E's Evening at the Improv, VH-1's Comedy on the Road, or on his numerous appearances on MTV or Comedy Central. He has opened for some great performers including Lou Rawls, Neil Sedaka, Melissa Manchester, and Andrew Dice Clay.

"Kenney is flat out funny!"
- Laughlin Nevada Times

Russ Merlin

What do you get when you combine hysterical comedy, the excitement of a sporting event, and the world's most unusual audience participation stunts? Russ Merlin is the answer. This Tonight Show alum has been making people laugh in 51 countries on five continents in his stage, cruise ship, casino and corporate event performances. From New York's Carnegie Hall to command performances for The Queen of England and The Sultan of Brunai, Russ's unique talents have brought him to some of the most exotic stages on the planet. He was most proud to be the first American in 25 years to perform at The Water Festivals in Cambodia and Laos before one million people. No stranger to Las Vegas and Atlantic City, repeat hotel appearances include The Flamingo Hilton, MGM Grand, Bally's, Caesar's Palace, Trump Castle, The Sands, The Claridge and The Golden Nugget. Currently, Russ is one of the most sought after entertainers on the corporate show circuit. With over 500 corporate event performances to his credit, his one man show has become a staple among coporations such as Compaq, Sony, Hewlett Packard and Toshiba - just to name a few. As well, Russ has shared the stage with many renowned celebrities such as Bob Hope, Rod Stewart, Lou Rawls, Joan Rivers, Diahann Caroll and several other international personalities. "I have never seen the people at one of our conferences laugh longer or louder at anything - EVER!"

Scott Dunn

Scott Dunn

Divine intervention can come in many forms. Comedian Scott Dunn hit upon a career-changing concept one Easter morning while daydreaming in church. He felt guilty for not paying attention and thought, “If they made this more entertaining, people would learn more.” Scott went on to write the bit about the Last Supper being a Friar’s Club Roast of Jesus.

That bit became a classic on the Bob and Tom syndicated radio program and Scott soon followed it up with the “Founding Father’s Roast of George Washington,” “The First Thanksgiving,” and “Abraham Lincoln’s Wake.” Scott’s appearances became so popular he now appears on the program every Monday to give a joke filled history lesson and quiz.

Scott also appears most weeks on Bob and Tom’s television program on WGN America. He has also appeared on CMT, Comedy Central and NBC. In 2008 Scott became a Warner Brothers recording artist. His first comedy album is entitled “Absolutely Historical.” And most recently, Scott performed for the Governor’s inauguration in Indiana.

When not performing, Scott is also a prolific writer. His television credits include “Foxworthy’s Big Night Out,” “CMT’s Comedy Stage,” “The Larry the Cable Guy Christmas Special” and the “CMT Music awards.” He has also published two novels and is a consultant for “Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader.”

And most importantly, Scott is a husband and father of two.

Spike Manton

Spike Manton

SPIKE MANTON is not your typical entertainer. After graduating with a Business degree from Bradley University, he moved to Chicago, took a sales position with Procter & Gamble, and began moonlighting in the comedy clubs. Soon he was a full-time comic and appearing on Comedy Central, Evening at the Improv, and MTV. In addition, Spike’s clever writing and clean style bolstered by his business background, made him one of the most requested corporate entertainers in the country.

Spike complemented his onstage work with a career in Chicago Radio and TV Broadcasting. He hosted sports radio shows for 3 years on ESPN Radio and spent 6 years hosting FM talk shows. The Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago White Sox, and the University of Illinois also had Spike hosting shows and doing entertainment features on Chicago television.

Along the way, Spike has been creating, writing, and producing from right here in Chicago. Spike wrote and produced an original sitcom (still “in the can”) and he cowrote and produced the critically acclaimed hit comedy “Leaving Iowa” that is still successfully running in theatres across the country.

This varied and successful background brings a highly developed range of skills to the table: writing, producing, performing, editing, and all with the sensibility and understanding of a former fortune 100 sales manager. He is perfect choice whether you need a custom corporate imposter, a host mc, a writer producer for your conference, or just a funny guy to entertain your group. Like we said at the top, Spike Manton is not your typical entertainer.

"Spike is the first entertainer we have asked back to perform again. His ability to write material about our business was remarkable. A real crowd pleaser!"
-Mitch Koulouris, Microsoft Office Conference

"We were nervous using a comedian in front of important clients, but Spike was the perfect combination of funny and appropriate..."
-Tim Blett, William B. Doner Agency

"Spike was so good at our Christmas party; we had him back to perform at our Annual Conference."
-Paul Herzog, Mass Mutual

Tim Bedore

Tim Bedore

Over the past 20 years Tim Bedore has spent thousands of hours entertaining audiences, first on the radio and then as a comedian, headlining comedy clubs across the country. One of the few young comics to have combined the disciplines of stand-up comedy and broadcasting, Tim knows the rigors of working within demanding parameters.

Tim has kept his hand in the radio business through his radio commentary feature Vague But True®, which is heard (since 1997) regularly on public radio's prestigious Marketplace program by over six-million people. Tim has written and recorded over two hundred-fifty installments of Vague But True. Producing these weekly commentaries for the radio keeps Tim's stand-up comedy material fresh and topical.

Unlike many comedians whose material is only appropriate for night-clubs, Tim has been able to work very successfully in many different situations, including charity and corporate events as an entertainer and host.

Tim Bedore is a stand-up comedian whose unique background has produced a very professional entertainer who knows how to cut across the boundaries of individual attitudes and get an audience to enjoy his way of looking at the world.

Television Appearances

  • NBC-Friday Night
  • FOX-Comic Strip Live
  • Showtime-On the Road
  • Comedy Central-Short Attention Span Theatre
  • Comedy Central-Two Drink Minimum
  • Comedy Central-Women Aloud
  • HBO-Stand Up/Stand Up Caroline's Comedy Hour
  • A/E- "Evening at the Improv"

Tim Cavanagh

Tim Cavanagh

They’re LAUGHING at Me!

Tim Cavanagh has been laughed at for over twenty years. They ‘ve laughed at him at colleges, they’ve laughed at him at business meetings, they’ve laughed at him at fundraisers, association dinners, awards banquets, and they’ve laughed at him at some of the top comedy clubs and concert venues across the country. Why are all of these people laughing at Tim Cavanagh? It’s simple. He’s truly funny!

After college, Tim spent three years as a religion teacher at an all-girls high school. In his last year as a teacher, Tim moonlighted at Zanies Comedy Club in his hometown of Chicago. Bitten by the comedy bug, he decided to devote all of his energy towards being funny. But his teaching background taught him that preparation and professionalism are the cornerstones of any career – even one in the comedy business. And that’s exactly what Tim brings with him to every show and to every event.

Tim has worked with hundreds of corporate groups performing clean, customized, hilarious comedy. He does his research for each group by scouring their website and having a conference call (or two) with members of the group, gathering ideas and information about their issues and personalities. That’s when the fun begins – when the comedic mind takes playful aim at your group. But never fear! It’s always clean, always appropriate and, most of all, always funny!

Tim’s national credits include ABC-TV, Comedy Central, Showtime, and WGN America. He can be heard regularly on the nationally syndicated “Bob & Tom” radio show, where he has been a featured contributor for over a decade. His funny songs have been showcased on Sirius XM radio, the “Dr. Demento” radio show, and BBC Radio 4. He’s even been heard on Continental Airlines—at no additional fee (we’re pretty sure).

From AAA to Xerox, from Bayer to Weyerhaeuser, they all have laughed at Tim Cavanagh. Tim’s comedy mission is simple—finding what’s funny in your business. And then you’ll be laughing at him, too!

“The show was hilarious, and very appropriate to the group. Kudos on the great job.”
—Brian Thomas AAA Akron Auto Club

“Tim was great—easy to work with, provided a customized routine to our audience and had us all in stitches. Great suggestion. Thumbs up!”
—Ron Walczak Sysmex America,


  • “They’re LAUGHING at Me!”—Tim puts together a truly unique comedy show, including customized material written just for your group, funny songs, lots of jokes, playful audience interaction, and over $7 in prizes. The humor is always clean and appropriate. And if you want Tim to customize the program title (e.g., “What’s So Funny about Tax Accounting?” “Laughter is the Second Best Medicine,” etc.), just ask.
  • “Dr. Tim Cavanagh, IMPOSTOR”—Instead of introducing Tim as a comedian, he can be presented to the audience in a variety of “serious” personas. Examples range from an off-kilter industry “expert” or a new bumbling company Vice President, to the panicked Head of Hotel Security or a know-nothing government official. Or, he can be anything in between.
  • “Our Host for Today’s Event, Tim Cavanagh”—Tim can act as a Master of Ceremonies for a day of meetings or educational sessions and make it move smoothly with a healthy dose of comedy when needed. He can also host an awards banquet or recognition dinner with just the right combination of humor and warmth.

Tim Walkoe

Tim Walkoe

"Nonstop laughter from start to finish" is what the Chicago Tribune had to say about the stand up comedy performance of Time Walkoe going on to comment "Walkoe's rapid fire delivery and shoot from the hip style leaves audiences laughing so hard it's hard to catch up to the next joke".

Tim is a veteran headliner at over 100 comedy clubs nationwide including the Comedy Stop in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, Zanies, Funny Bones, Comedy Store and many more. He has also been a featured performer at the Chicago Comedy Festival for the past 4 years.

A $10,000 grand prize winner on ABC TV's America's Funniest People, Tim has appeared in a recurring role on Fox TV's Murder in Small Town X as Mayor Emerson Bowden. Other television credits include A&E, HBO, Showtime, TNN, PBS, and recently Fox Sports Net Profile Awards in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Toby Kid

Toby Kid

Comedian, Clown, Humorist, Educator

He was a preemie born on Christmas day, right there at home. His folks couldn't get him to the hospital and into an incubator, so they just put him in a crock pot. They almost named him Stew. However he was dubbed Toby and so the saga began.

Several years later he became several years older but was destined to always be the youngest of nine Iowa farm boys, Toby's first thespian experience was in a Cub Scout skit, he was the bear in the lead role. Next, utilizing basics from high school speech and drama along with the grace of a football lineman, he threw in some juggling and magic. Toby entertained his keep through seven years of college, obtaining a degree in education. Yes, he could be teach'n.

Toby was off. To Europe, that is. The European street acts greatly influenced Toby's style of mirth making and served as a training ground for his quick wit. "Trying to make the British laugh is like trying to catch a skunk without getting stinky," says KID about his time over there.

Returning to the states, Toby immediately started carving a comedic niche for himself. KID performed with the great B.B. King and also Garth Brooks. "Keeping it clean" while making people laugh has given him the opportunity to perform for large corporate functions, major athletic events and for smaller groups like local associations, high schools and the FFA.

Throughout his career, Toby KID has performed over fifteen thousand shows and driven literally millions of miles. He's performed in 48 states and 7 countries. If you listen to radio you have undoubtedly heard KID's caty-wampus views or maybe read them on the web. KID's numerous TV appearances include Good Morning America and ESPN. (When was the last time you saw a comedian on these programs?) As Aye Jaye says in his hot selling book, The Golden Book of Schmoosing; "The following are some of the funniest people I've ever had the privilege of working with," and amid names like Will Durst, Billy Crystal, Penn and Teller and Drew Carey, you'll find the name Toby KID listed as well. Same size. Same font.

Toby has been married to Jennifer since 1989 and they live in Ogden, Iowa. They have four children: Toby Jo, Byron Jean, Charile Sue and Allea Jaye.

"Toby's humor and wit is clean, fast and funny."

"You were a hit with absolutely everyone."
- WGN, Chicago

"Your talent is making people laugh."
- Duane Ellett and Floppy

"Funny young comedian. . ."
- Chuck Offenberger, Des Moines Register

"Tremendously energetic and fun."
- Don Ho

"This was the first time all those attending enjoyed the conference and Toby KID is the reason."
- Illinois Department of Corrections

"You made each person feel you were there just for them."
- Manager, Hy-Vee

Willie Farrell

Willie Farrell

Willie Farrell has been one of the country's most requested corporate performers for the past 10 years. He'll take that humdrum sales meeting or predictable holiday party and turn it into a memorable event with his unique, hilarious humor, tailor-made for your audience. Willie Farrell has performed in nearly every comedy club in the country, but now spends most of the year onstage at the Tropicana, Sahara, and Riviera Casino showrooms on the Las Vegas strip.

Although a regular Las Vegas performer, Willie's talent is best showcased in his corporate appearances. From small groups of farmers to massive groups of CEO's, Willie is in the business of making your business entertaining.