Carnival Games

Carnival Games

Carnival Games

Great for Fundraisers.


Baggo Carnival Game

Popular indoor/outdoor game for 2 or 4 players. Boards face one another with its players standing along side and tossing the bags onto the boards or in the hole to score. Actual styles and colors may vary.

Ball & Dice Carnival Game

Pull the ball back and let it go! The highest score wins. Actual styles and colors may vary.

Ball Drop Carnival Game

Player drops two balls into the box. Match the same color to win!

Bean Bag Toss Carnival Game

Player tosses 3 bean bags. Add up to 750 to win! [increase or decrease score limit to adjust winners]

Big Mouth Carnival Game

Player attempts to throw wiffle balls or bean bags into the target.

Bowling Game Carnival Game

Roll the ball down the lane and see how many pins you can knock down! Actual styles and colors may vary.

Buddy Walkers Carnival Game

Great for team building exercises or relay races these buddy walkers are a must have at your next event! Actual styles and colors may vary.

Bulls Eye Washer Carnival Game

Be the first team to score 21 points by tossing washers into the box.

Can Smash Carnival Game

Throw the bean bags and see if you can knock all six cans off the pedestal. Includes: Six cans & three bean bags

Chuck A Luck

Classic Chuck A Luck Casino Game

Coke Bottle Toss Carnival Game

An attractive spin on the traditional ring toss game!

Cover The Spot Carnival Game

Player drops or tosses five discs. If you can cover the spot entirely, you win!!

Crazy Dots Carnival Game

With only three tries, can you cover all of the red spaces? (actual colors and styles may vary)

Crazy Hat Carnival Game

Can you get the ball in the Cats Hat? 3 tries to test your luck!

Crazy Quarters Carnival Game

Drop your quarters, Plinko style! If you can get it in the clowns mouth you win! (cutomer supplies quarters)

Dice Game Carnival Game

Try your luck at getting 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind, or 5 of a kind. Actual styles and colors may vary.

Duck Pond Carnival Game

Pick up floating ducks as they circle in the water. Ducks can be marked or color coded on the bottom to determine winners.

Finish Line

Roll the die to see how many spaces each car will move forward. First one to the finish line is the winner!

High Striker Carnival Game

Who doesn't love to pick that mallet up and try their strength on the high striker!?

Hoop La Blocs Carnival Game

Player throws 3 hoops at the block. To win, the hoop must fall around the block completely and lay flat on the surrounding surface. Comes with 3 blocks. Actual styles and colors may vary)

Ladder Ball Carnival Game

Each player gets three bolas to toss. Try to make it on the opposite ladder. Top rung is 1 point, middle rung is 2 points, and the bottom rung is worth 3 points. The highest score wins! (actual styles and colors may vary)

Lightning Strikes Carnival Game

Player carefully moves a metallic wand down the metal lighting bolt attempting to avoid contact. If you can move all the way down and back up without sounding the alarm, you win!

Magnetic Dart Board Carnival Game

Our magnetic dart board is a safer alternative to the traditional dart board, plus no actual balloons are required! This cuts cost and speeds up throughput for your players!

Over Under Carnival Game

Roll the ball down and see what kind of score you get. Under 11 or over 30 you win!!