Canvas Games

Canvas Games


Baseball Toss

Test your accuracy with our canvas baseball toss game fun for all ages.

Conk The Crow

Test your accuracy as you throw the ball to try to knock the crow off the fence.

Froggy Fly Fling

Check your strength and accuracy to see if you can "fling" the frog in the mouth

Golf Challenge

Take a swing at this challenge and try to get a hole in one

Kick & Score

Try to get one past the goalie and score!

Laser Toss

Take this challenge with the laser (Frisbee) and dodge and weave through the planets.

Pit Stop Challenge

Bryan Hill Entertainment offers our new Pit Stop Challenge.

It is the ultimate in fast-paced action and excitement. Challengers engage in head to head competition to see who can switch out their tire in the fastest time!

Pit Stop Challenge puts you right in the pits of a stock car racing team. Experience the frantic effort as you race against the clock.

Pit Stop Challenge comes complete with:

•Colorful, 7' x 9' Heavy-Duty Vinyl Backdrop

•Steel Framework

•4 Tires

•Air Impact Wrenches

•Air Compressor

Quarter Back Toss

Are you the next Peyton Manning? Test your skills on this challenging game!

Tiara Toss

Tiara toss is a great game for any princess party~