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Strike a light is an interactive fast paced competition between two opponents. Broken down into 45 second rounds, players will be tested to prove who has the fastest reaction time. Each team has their own assigned color and must slap their discs as their color illuminates. Complete with sound effects and electronic scoring, this game is a surefire win for your crowd and can easily fit indoors.

Strike A Light Arena

This custom arena brings your Strike A Light competitions to life!

This Interactive Play System arena is an extraterrestrial play arena where you challenge each other as a team or one on one. The arena is separated in the colors of your team, green or red.

New to this game is the start button, where you can easily restart the game again.
You can play this game with 2 players or with 2 teams of 2 players.

The Boxer

Knock out! This is the ultimate test of speed and strength. Choose "Men's" or "Women's" mode, press start to drop the ball and give it your best shot!